IFL shown on Southern Cali????????


Did anyone in Southern Cali see the IFL on TV? I couldn't find it.







could you tell me when a replay is?



5 pm on FSN here ... It'll likely come on again, they usually replay their events on FSN when they have games and stuff...

Was on at 3pm for me.

was on at 5 pm for me

IFL = the future of MMA in America

Darnit - I missed it too. Sucks they ran it so early.

Ring Girl, there will be plenty of times this week to catch the replay.



could you post SPECFIC times they will show the replay in Southern CA, thanks!!!!

hi Ring Girl, sorry if we had some words last week. i'm all about positive vibes!


It was good...that format just might work.

amanda, I didnt feel like doing the work


5pm on Time Warner Cable in San Diego. I enjoyed the show a lot.
Can't wait for next week.

check tvguide.com