IFL Team Question

Do the members of IFL teams train together?

Say a guy from Cali gets picked for Mo's team in washington, does he have to move or does he train with his home gym and just represent his team in the show?

they set up a webcam for long-distance training sessions.

Mo Smith talks about this on an interview linked up on the IFL.tv website.

4 of the 5 Silverbacks train together. 3 of which live above the MFS gym.


So basically if your not willing to leave your home team don't bother applyin well unless your main trainer is your coach.

At least 3 of Renzo's team train together in NYC.

Teams train together.

I don't think that is necessarily true. Bas is in LA and Alex S is in Nevada. Alex said in an interview that he only trained once with Bas before the fight. I also heard someone else say that they only just met their team this past week in AC. Maybe the plan going forward is for them to train more together.

SNOW GORILLA - Quick to IFL forums again! How much are you being paid to just spout bullshit? Or is that just your personality to open your mouth, and start rambling about things you have no idea about. I wont vouge for other teams (although I'm familiar with who they train with), but the Silverbacks are fighters who do train in the Quad Cities with Pat.

Best of luck - your credibility is deminishing by the character!

interesting question. seriously.