IFL thanks

just wanted to pop on and give a big thank you to everyone who helped me in my recent IFL debut. I fought a really tough opponent (ray steinbess-out of arizona combat sports) but with the right prep and training i was able to put him away fairly early in the fight. i had assitance from so many people i wont get into names as i dont want to leave anyone out :)

Not all my teamates had such clean matches but win or lose they all showed they are warriors and I am proud to compete along side then.

this being my first time at 169lbs i had to really dedicate myself to training and the work paid off.

hopefully the Toronto Dragons will keep improving and bring canada home the first IFL league title.


good job tuff guy!

thats definitely an impressive win looking at Steinbess resume, with his only other loss coming to Nick Diaz by decision. Definitely a nice way to make a debut in a orginization thats getting some quality exposure.


very impressive Claude!

WOW big win Claude heard u training hard well deserves.
Did you run in the ring when Renzo won

Congrats Claude!


Congrats Claude!


Claude needs to hire me to make a documentary on his next fight.

It'll be classic.

Congrats Claude on your individual win and the Dragons Team win. Awesome job.

Congrats Claude!

Way to go Claude!