IFL Weigh Ins (pics)


Title Fights

Jay Hieron (170) vs. Mark Miller (170.4)

Wagnney Fabiano (145.4) vs. Shad Lierley (145.8)

Vladimir Matyushenko (205.4) vs. Jamal Patterson (205.6)

Non-Title Fights

Delson Heleno (170.8) vs. Brad Blackburn (171)

Jim Miller (155) vs. Bart Palaszewski (155.5)

Nate Lamotte (155.8) vs. Chris Horodecki (154.6)

Mike Ciesnolevicz (206) vs. Carmelo Marrero (205.8)

Emyr Bussade (170) vs. Jesse Lennox (170)

Rafael Dias (145.6) vs. L.C. Davis (145.6)

Alex Schoenauer (204) vs. Brendan Barrett (205.5)

The Biggest Loser Contestants



Some good fights there I think....

I love the Sponge Boy Square Pants shorts...

Good to see Lennox in a big show.

Is that last pic with Bas of the same guy fighting himself?

 I dunno why but I get stoked whenever Connan is around.

Good luck Rafael!

HELWIG - Is that last pic with Bas of the same guy fighting himself?

Holy Shit!! Looks like he just turned around for another profile.

nate looks like he needs a few burgers

Good looking card for the IFL.

"Good to see Lennox in a big show"




Nate "The Future" Lamotte by TKO slam - TEAM BURGESS

Great pictures. Super crisp.

i love mma

even a "lower level" card like the IFL is filled with a ton of talent. I wish the IFL was doing better financially. their cards are always exciting

war lennox

I think Lamotte takes Chris in this one...dude is big for 155 and very powerful

LaMotte looks HUGE compared to Chris.

Jesse Lennox will open some eyes tonight.

Good Luck OX!


those belts sure do look nice. Horodecki looks really small compared to Nate.