IFLI getting it's legs back?

I look at the stock just about evry day and I know there are forum members here who own or trade the stock. I know they have a few shows comming up and they moved there Reno show to Las Vegas. Seems like evry time these guys have a show, this thing takes off. Just figured I'd give the UG a heads up that the company has been up as high as 13% this morning, aprox $3.50. Good luck to those that own it.

Based on that rational, Dana must of shot 50 loads the week it went to $18.00.

calling a stock at $3 a penny stock is idiotic.

The definition fo Penny Stock

A stock that usually sells for less than $1 per share, though the price may rise because of significant promotion. Penny stocks are very speculative and risky due to their lack of available information and poor liquidity.

Back up to 3 bucks?

I was going to buy at under a dollar! Damn!

I googled it again I I found it defined as under a dollar up to $5.  so we are both right.  It just depends on whose definition we go by.

and your point is?

I got tickets for the Vegas show so as long as they don't fold before then, I'll be satisfied. Maybe I'll get to see Vernon White get into a verbal altercation to defend Shammy's honor.

the hate is strong with you


sorry...yes it is.

ps...there are some moody & sarcastic sons a bitches on this forum.