IFLI this week

Anyone got a prediction for this week? My prediction is for it to get around $1.50 but dip into the .90 range.

Could be a make or break week.


If it gets to $2 - I think I will buy another 500.

Not making a promise this time!

interesting i would tend to trust ADCCworld on this tip.

Obviously goku in his infinite wisdom of the IFL knows more than all of us.

The everett show was very fun, good fights, looked packed as a mofo...glad I went.

Mascots and the team format is ghey imho, but its all about the quality of fights.



Goku I predicted the same thing - knowing that people got in at $1.25 finally got a chance to sell out at a HEFTY profit instead of hoping that this company takes off in 4 years was a no brainer.

The question is - now that we are over that hurdle - where is it going and why. I am guessing that it wont get over $1.50 and today was a great example as to why. It tried to get over $1.30 and then it fell as soon as people got a chance to get out of their $1.25 position.

Its going to be a while before this gets a going...


This is certainly one I would not have bought into if my child's college fund was riding on it.

I was hoping for insight into this not idle speculation.


The question is - now that we are over that hurdle - where is it going and why

There's still millions of shares left to be dumped from the private placement.  It won't stray very far from $1.25.  I'd guess it stays below 1.25 more than above.

Watching on ch 9 right now

I can see that stock heading up a bit when they air the Horodecki vs Lierly
fight from the Everett show. It was wicked good.

Here's what Bas and Quadros thought:



That was kinda my feeling as well - I havent decided if people will dump it or wait it out...

If they wait and see...I can see speculation bringing this into the $1.75 range (Maybe a 5% chance).

I bought as a fan and not as an investor ...

although Im up 20% :)

Its called wishful thinking.