Ignashov KO's Semmy Schilt !

WWW.Shoto.com - Alexy Ignashov Ko's Schilt in a K-1 rules match. The language is Dutch, so I'm having a difficult time getting all the details (time, round, etc.)

Maybe a Dutch member of this forum could get the whole story ? Please ?

Alexy is now off to Japan for K-1 Romanex MMA on Saturday !

Apparently, Ignashov KO'd him in under 1 minute.

Fucking Awesome!

Alexy is the truth.

Hahah the big goof got knocked in under a minute. Hahahah that is funny especially to Ignashov.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! What event?? I never heard about this match.

Event was a Dutch event called "It's Showtime".

Had both K-1 and MMA fights.

Yvel also won his fight over Kongo by KO.

good thing he didn't get bruised up for his fight saturday

Crocop lost. he is a complete and filthy lie


tom... send me that goddamn email

That's pretty good considering he's only been KO'ed once before (by Gilbert Yvel) in his 37 fights.



Dave Dalgliesh KOed Barrington Patterson

Badr Hari KOed Aziz Katthou

Gilbert Yvel KOed Cheik Kongo

Regillo Aaron KOed Ismael Kerzazi

Fatih Kocamis submitted Dave Vader

Dennis Saroykin submitted Perry Ubeda

Alexey Ignashov KOed Sem Schilt

Rodney Faverus KOed Melvin Manhoef

DETAILS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he hit 'em REALLY hard

Even the best strikers take one on the chin every now and then. I hope this doesnt get blown up as bad as the CroCop loss.

Only details that I have gathered is that Ignashov nailed him with a punch that put him down and out, early in the first round (under 1 minute)

ignoshavs stand up is legit. his leg kick KO on bernardo hurt just watching it.

"Semmy needs to concentrate on either MMA or K1. Both sports give him the runaround."

Alexei is doing both too.

alexy is a bad ass and holds KO wins over carter williams and peter aerts.

"Maybe Sem could get a rematch under MMA rules one day."

Semmy would beat his ass in mma.