Ignore Function Fix Please - The R

The Ignore function should mean that users threads should no longer show up in the ingnorers list of threads to see.
What use is it to hit ignore and still see the tards posts ?
Please fix.

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Why am I seeing this faggots threads? Fix this!


Where’s the vote down button?


Where do i find the framed forum?

In the recycle bin!

Where is the ignore button? I don’t even see it.

Bunch of faggots ignoring everyone

yeah I dont see it either.

Maybe because we aren’t “registered members” like the other people are showing on their avatar?

This racism will not stand!!

Cry harder.

I found it. Click on the user. Then there is a box on the right that says Normal. Click on that box and change it to ignored.

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Yes, but you’ll still see that users threads on the main page.
Everytime that moron feels like making a thread, you get reminded that Covid didn’t kill that mfer.

Yeah, I was hoping that their threads would disappear too like it is done on other forums.

Attn Chris


Doesn’t seem to work if the person doesn’t have their profile public

I can look into making the ignore feature remove their topics (threads) from the listing page, but it’s not how Discourse is designed.

I’m curious what do you see when you click on their topic?

Only way i have found to ignore someone is to go to your account, then preferences, then click Users on the left. You can search names and add them to ignored list (or put them their for a period of time).

It works great inside threads but as OP mentioned, it does not hide their topics (though you cannot read their post after clicking)