Ignoring the need for 165 is one of Dana's biggest mistakes

Uhg. You want me to read all that? Lame.
Can’t believe you’re making me READ!
(Kidding of coarse. Excellent points.)

Can you show us your data modelling on this subject?

Would love to see how you calculated EBITDA outcome, marketing reach, roster size for this division, social marketing reach etc.

Give us a baseline for the decision for/against 165 lb division.

This is the only really relevant data in this topic, IMO (I’ll ignore the snarky, troll-y shit):

Let’s keep it Murican, since the forum is based there.

Avergage male height 5’9"

How much should a fit 5’9" male weigh?


They all seem to put the center of the range at around 150 pounds. Add in some muscle mass and the average male would be in the LW to WW range.

Put it on a bell curve and the talent pool for all the other weight classes is much smaller than that in the 150-170 pound range

Why jam the largest percentage of the population into the broadest weight class? If talent is close, size makes the difference. I’d much rather see another class of killers than more 125 or WMMA.

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Most of the upcoming events are being carried by FW through WW.

From now through Nov 12th is the page I’m looking at on tapology…
11 major org events are headlined by FW through WW.
1 event is headlined by FLW
0 events are headlined by HW.
0 events are headlined by WFW or WLW.

Tonight’s Bellator Ireland- headlined by LW.
Super RIZIN- Floyd vs Asakura at FW.
Oct 1st Bellator biggest card of the year- headlined by FW with McKee’s LW debut the co-main.
Sep 29 ONE- headlined by WW.
Oct 4th ACA- headlined by WW.
UFC 280, biggest UFC of the year, headlined by LW.
Oct 23rd RIZIN- headlined by FW.
Oct 29th Bellator Italy headlined by LW.
Oct 29th UFC headlined by FW.
Nov 4th ACA headlined by LW.
Nov 12 KSW headlined by LW

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