IGN's top N64 games of all time

Any mega fans of Ocarina of Time: there is a stable version of a randomizer where spreedrunners literally hacked and mapped the logic of the game to randomize all sorts of stuff to re-map the sequence by which you earn the items and beat the game. https://ootrandomizer.com/

Similar to the Link to the past randomizer. ALttP VT Randomizer

You need specific Japanese 1.0 version roms to generate randomized versions.

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Ocarina of Time must be the best looking 64 game…that I can think of anyway.

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I liked it as a first attempt. From a distance it looked like an actual event. Would have roommate walking down long hallway to living room thinking a fight was on. There were multiple flaws like giving some fighters ridiculous kicking ability, especially Randleman, and the dumb aikido type takedowns. I didn’t play the next couple versions on other systems as I heard not much changed. However I heard the EA series was a big improvement. I have it on 360 but never actually cracked it open lol (edit XBONE actually). Kind of got out of MMA and more interested in VR and mainstream esports games. This discussion makes me want to check it out now.