IGN's top N64 games of all time

We talking Rogue Squadron or Shadows of the Empire?

I had SotE back in the day and got it again more recently. Definitely a rough game then but good memories. (edit: opening hoth battle was amazing)

So many shooters near start of that gen are just about unplayable now due to controls.


Shadow of the Empire was the first 64 game I played IIRC. I thought it was cool then.


Shadows of the Empire. Not really talking about how any of these games “hold up” considering the massive gap in time and technology.

I’m just talking about how badass and fun they were at the time.



I thought he was talkin about Pod Racing, lol



One of the greatest things about emulation is translated games. There are some fucking awesome games we missed out on as they were only released in Japan and never had an American release which means it was never translated.

Did you guys know there was an Ice Hockey game that was River City Ransom esque on the NES? I was playing it last night. It’s better than “Ice Hockey” and imo better than Blades Of Steel.

If any of you are interested. I can help you set it all up so you can play if you want. There are games for literally every system. Wow are there some sleepers in there too. Games I would have gone crazy over as a kid had they gotten a US release. Thank god for fans though and the tireless effort to have these games translated so we can play.



What are some hidden gems for N64?

I’d say Wetrix would probably be one for me. I don’t see it on many lists.

I watched some yt hidden gem videos and there are some games I just didn’t know existed.

Edit: I thought Blast Corps was popular enough to not say hidden gem (I guess) but it was great. There are racing and fighting games that were decent and I enjoyed as a rental but can’t say any one of them really stood out to me.

Pod racing was fun as shit.

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I’m going to have to try the hockey out. The soccer game with those sprites is pretty decent. And everyone loves super dodgeball.

I’ve played a lot of Famicom Wars lately. Hard to believe this game wasn’t released on the NES. Super Famicom Wars on the SNES is flat out awesome. Been fun trying to figure it out. All Japanese.


Advanced Wars 2 for GBA is pretty good, I still play it now and then today.

I meant shadows and mostly the memories are just that damn Hoth battle at the beginning. So fun and amazing to be able to actually do it back then

Holy fuck I forgot this was on 64. I had my grandma take me to wal mart to buy this bad boy. It was fun as fuck like someone above said! Thanks for the memory lol

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You can buy it on The Playstation Network.

I bought it for my PS4 Last Xmas for like $5

That, Bounty Hunter, the Jedi Academy games…



I had the ECW game. It wasn’t as good as the WWE games.

Any Suikoden fans out there? It was easily the 2nd best RPG on PS1(Both 1 and 2) if you haven’t played them. The third fourth and fifth installments came on PS2. There was a NDS game but it was geared more towards kids.

Anyway, like most good video games, Japan has been holding out on us with another, Suikoden:Woven Web. Prior to today there was only a very poor google translation into English for it. Emphasis on the poor. Anyways, some fans finally properly translated the game into English which just came out today.

Here’s the link to download the translation

It’s a PSP game which means you either need to have a PSP or download the emulator which is one of the easier ones to use. You can download it below


You will also need the Iso(Game) for the translation to work on. You can get that here

If you need any help let me know!

Yeah we got flat out hosed on the gems that Japan got for everything. I’m just now finding more and more games and for literally every system. I posted about the Suikoden one above but I also just found a Beavis and Butthead game for PS1 that we didn’t get either.

If we are talking about talking games now and PS… I picked up Fire Pro Wredtling G (JP) for PS1 that I found misspelled on eBay 20 years ago and planned to make a quick $30 by reselling. Just kept it and played a couple times on emulator so sitting in my basement somewhere. Value went down 90% for some reason.

  1. Blast Corps
  2. Mario 64
  3. Goldeneye
  4. F Zero X
  5. Banjo Kazooie
  6. Mario Party 2
  7. Wave Race 64
  8. Wrestlemania 2000
  9. Sin & Punishment
  10. Body Harvest

That’s going by how good they were on release. Today most of the catalogue is completely unplayable. Ocarina remains the most overrated game ever made


Did you play Sin & Punishment on hardware or emulated? Didn’t it come out on Wii store? I recall almost picking it up there.

Imported it back when I was a teenager, I started importing in the SNES days when Square refused to release stuff like Chrono Trigger & Front Mission in the UK. Really great game, still have a copy on my shelf. I don’t do emulation or all the nonsense with Nintendo making you pay another £10 for 25 year old games every time they release a new console

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