Igor Gracie Seminar Bergenfield NJ

Thats right everybody you heard it here first!! Igor Gracie is blessing us with knowledge!! This will be a gi seminar for all levels, so if your in the Bergan County area come check it out!! It will be monumental!!

Date: Sunday June 6, 2004
Time: 11AM-2PM
Place: I.M.A.T.C 112 South Washington, Bergenfield N.J. 07621
Phone: (201) 387-1811
Price: $50

who knows maybe there will be party after too :o)

I haven't trained with Igor but have heard very good things about his abilities. MRBIG1, would you please tell Igor that Steve from Utah says hello. I used to wire him money when he was in Rio for Gracie Barra stuff years ago. He was damn cool. I wish I could go to one of Igor's seminars.

no problem my man Steve from Utah..


but James are u down for the party too??


TTT Dammit

ttt for Igor



behold!!! the weekend of this great event is just around the corner, so reserve your spot now because this will be an event of unforgettable measure

TTT for a great seminar!


Two great Black Belts at the same place. Jamie Cruz and Igor Gracie! Awesome!

well worth the $$$$$. I will try to be there.

For Jamie and Igor! Guys don't miss this seminar.

Sounds like an awesome seminar.

TTT for Igor Vovchanchin seminar !!!!


gracie gracie