Igor Gracie seminars at OAMA

Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa had the pleasure of hosting Igor (son of Rolls Gracie) this weekend. Igor brought his technical game and dropped a lot of knowledge on us. We had a Gi seminar on Saturday and no-gi on Sunday. I personally feel extremely priviledged to have been absolutely broken down within about 15 seconds of rolling with him =^) The more I watch and practice jiu-jitsu, the more I believe that Gracie Barra is consistently producing the best and most technical jiu-jitsu players on the planet.

Here's some pics of the fun. Thanks again Igor!

(Chris Bates: You can use this one next when troll the OG)

Igor's awesome. TTT!

TTT for a great seminar with Igor, awesome teammates and a
fabulous photographer ;) !


Awesome training! Igor thanks for the cool techniques and fun evenings out on the town. Looking forward to having you and your brother back in the new year.


Big thanks to Igor and everyone at OAMA, I had a great time.


(Chris Bates: You can use this one next when troll the OG)


Gracie Barra is solid, I'm with you on that for sure.

Looks like an awesome seminar, too bad I missed it.


Eric! Where've you been hiding? And why'd you miss it?