Igor is in Abu Dhabi?

Maybe this is old news. But that caught me off guard


It adds a big name fighter who is "international"...

Should be interesting what his strategy will be

then he will likely be disqualified. I wonder what kind of shape he is in these days. He was awfully round in the later parts of his career.

"He was awfully round in the later parts of his career."

Quite the opposite, he trimmed down alot and was in great shape in the later parts of his career.

I hated seeing him in shape. He's supposed to be round and KO people, not 6 packed and going to decision all the time.


Ice Cold was absolutely ripped at 205 for the MWGP.

Guys like him usually have long-term nagging injuries that never heal because so little time is taken off.

Well, this tourney may be a good test of his mind and body.

Ill wager that if he comes out of AD healthy - win or lose - you will soon see Igor back in MMA knocking people the fuck out.

Old news. Discussed here in detail couple of months ago when he first appeared on the official fighter list.

" what if his stragedy is to punch people in the face?"

Then they'll have to pull out the tranquilizer guns, sedate him, and return him to the Russian zoo where they found him.