Igor Pokrajac replaces Vera, will fight T. Silva

With Brandon Vera Injured, Thiago Silva Now Draws Igor Pokrajac ...

Good fight. Phone Post

 Doesn't change much for Silva, it's a fight he should win.

Woulda been fun watching him still run through Vera on the ground though even without whatever it was he was trying to hide by using fake urine.


 Good fight but I think Stanislov Nedkov was the better fight. Thought for sure it would be Forrest though.

yawn, igor has no ground game. thiago will take him down and win by vicious GnP or just humiliate igor for 3 rounds.

NarlyPersianDude - He fought Bonnar very tough in his ufc debut, and the way he beat Kyrstof was hardcore impressive.

That was not his debut. He debuted against Matyushenko at 103.

 Nedkov, Nedkov, Nedkov