Igor V. Have we seen the last of?

It's safe to say that we'll never see the Igor of old, but does anyone know if he plans on fighting again?

One of my all-time favs.

Probably quite content running his resturant. I bet if the $$$ was right he'd be there though.

He is one that should be looking at the UFC and vice versa. Another hard hitting, great striker that could be acquired for them. Him vs. Chuck would be nuts. Chuck's got reach but Igor's power and speed is up with anyone at LHW. Actually, its too bad he didnt have too much luck at LHW in Pride (no excuse for the Overeem loss though his loss to Nak could have went either way) cuz him vs. Silva or Rog would have been tight.

I think Tito would beat Igor though, Igor vs. Babalu would be a better matchup or just let him KO some cans in the UFC for a while.

you still see "the Igor of old", only now he has to fight opponents who know what they are doing, so he'll never be as dominant as he used to, regardless of weight class. That said, on a good day he's still fun as hell to watch.