Igor v. Silva, WWE style?

I was just thinking, what would be the best way to break this fight WWE style? Let's make Silva the heel and Vovchanchyn the face.

How about at the start of the show after the pyrotechnics, Silva’s music hits and he comes to the ring. He grabs the mic and says that there is no one to fight him as Sak is injured and Igor "is in Russia cos' he's too wussy to sign a contract".

He says he will fight anybody in Pride "right here right now!" he also says "all pride fighters are too wussy to fight him" A random mid-card fighter comes to the ring and says he's tired of hearing Silva talk shit and wants to fight him. He then drops the mic and starts landing rights on Silva. Silva then beats the shit of him.

Then the music for the pres of Pride hits and he comes to the ring. He tells Silva to stop the madness as it is "not the Japanese way", and that he has arranged an opponent for him.

When all other fights have finished and it's time for the main event, Silva comes to the ring and waits for his opponent. After a while he grows impatient, grabs the mic and starts calling out the Pride F.C president. When he comes to the ring he tells Silva not to be impatient as it is "not the Japanese way".

Then on the jumbotron, we see a chopper coming into land outside the arena. A fighter comes out but the camera doesn't get a view of his face. Silva starts asking the pride F.C pres who this loser is.

After about a minute of Silva bounding around the ring impatiently, Vovchanchyn's music hits to a massive crowd ovation! For once in his life Silva's face looks alarmed! Pride F.C presidents says "This is your punishment Silva, I warned you to respect the Japanese way!" as Igor makes his way to the ring!

As long as it stays a REAL fight and not the WWE way.

I dont' know how many of guy to watch all of last years event off of Japanese TV, the entire monster 6 hour deal or whatever, but this was just like the angle with Ogawa, Takada and Goldberg. HIlarious. Somebody could have had a checklist of wrestling cheese and finished it off. It was great. Even in Japanese, and I couldn't understand a word, but I tell you, cheese like knows no one language. All it needed was the Hulkster knocking the Iron Shiek's head into Nikolai Volkoff's.