I came across this today. Pretty much it's a database similar to MGinAction, but for cheaper. The problem is the guy never gives his name, so you can't research him to see if he's legit or not.

There are tons of techniques from very specific positions, however I can't trust the techniques being shown are accurate or correct. It also doesn't mention anything about the gi.

I'm not really looking into buying a product like this just yet, not really in my budget and I don't have a partner to perform the techniques with outside of the gym.

I have to be honest, I really like the concept this guy has, but he's not providing much information about himself, which is sketchy.

Has anyone checked this out yet, or have any information on the instructor? Like I said I'm not going to be buying anything like this, and if I do the front runner to get my money is Marcelo, but I just want to hear your opinions. Thanks.