Ike Turner Interview - Unintentional LOLs


"Game recognizes game."- Chris Brown

pimp mentality, watch "American Pimp" by the Hughes bros, those guys talk and think the same way, it just happened that Ike knew how to make hit records Phone Post

When I was a kid in California, Ike turner used to have a house on the block I trick-or-treated on.

Dude would give out autographed headshots instead of candy. People used to egg his house every year.

it's hard out here for a pimp. Phone Post

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It was a different time, where attitude adjustments were as simple as putting the smack down on a bitch.


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fucking gold in that vid

He makes it all seem so reasonable. :)

Slaps Ole Lady

"He makes it all seem so reasonable. :)"

lol. He was all "sometimes she was all sad for no reason, so I only slapped her to make her switch to being happy."

LOL glad I subbed this thread.

Yeah he was a POS, but at least he was entertaining.


EvilMaster - He makes it all seem so reasonable. :)

Slaps Ole Lady

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Well documented scumbag but a fucking HELL OF A MUSICIAN



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