IKF and other alphabet soup

With all of the kickboxing"federations" "organizations" etc out there, how do you guys decide wich events to compete in/wich organization to align yourself with? And has anyone heard of the IKF?

Thanks Chalupa.

Like Chalupa wrote, it's not necessarily about the sanctioning body so much as location and whether or not you can get a good matchup. I've searched and then called promoters to ask if I can fight on a card, then based on how the event goes, decide if I want to continue on that circuit. I've fought under most of the sanctioning bodies, and some have better rules than others (such as optional headgear/shinpads), but the main thing for muayThai is how authentic is the total event. Is the ref experienced? The judges know how to score? Is your opponent a Thai-trained fighter or a FC convert? Some of the sanctioning bodies do muayThai a lot better than others, so now I prefer a few over the others. The promoter is another major factor, as a good one who delivers what is promised, like travel money, etc.

I agree with Pisand.

All the sanctioning bodies have their strengh's & weakness's.They are working hard to make things happen.

We work with these santioning bodies for our promotions:

It is all about get fair matches, getting treated well by promoters, & moving the sport along.

Our amateur team will be WKA, IKF, & USKBA National Tournaments this year.