IL on med mj: Get card, lose guns

Being the most backwards state in the union, the IL Department of Human Services proposed new rules to obtaining a medical marijuana card. One of these rules is that you either have a FOID card or a mj card, but not both. The reasoning given is that it is against Federal law to be "addicted" to drugs.

There are so many things wrong with this, but that is what this FOID card mess has done to gun owners. People are already scared to seek help for depression out of fear of losing firearms. A great majority of these people, myself included, have no intention to cause harm to myself or others.

The other complete contradiction is that it doesn't include prescription pain meds or alcohol abuse. There was a point where I was on 3 different opiates, 2 benzos, and 2 types of muscle relaxers daily. I was out of my fucking mind. So much so at times that my wife would hide our guns.

When I am all potted up on the weed, the last thing I want to do is cause mayhem and destruction. The only concern I have when I am high and handling firearms is cleaning them too much, and stripping unsafe amounts of metal off. My responsibility with guns doesn't go away after smoking. I cannot say the same for alcohol (legal), so I don't drink.

Any other states do the same things for CC?


IL is a complete joke and cook county is an even bigger joke. why i still live here is beyond me...

jjchgo - IL is a complete joke and cook county is an even bigger joke. why i still live here is beyond me...

We are packing up and heading out just before the little one starts school. The end is near if all goes well.

Sorry for the repost Mr K.

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well that's fucking retarded.

I'm still trying to grasp how after decades of fighting to get CCW passed in Illinois due to the gun hating cock faggots in Cook county that all CCW Applications go to Cook County and not Springfield like the FOID Cards do?

IL CCW is a joke itself. They make you pay $500 to keep a gun in your car, where it will sit most of the day with all of the restrictions in place.