Ilha Combat 2: see everything and Photo Gallery


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Ilha Combat 2: see everything that happened and Photo Gallery

The second edition of Ilha Combat, held in São Luis-MA, Brazil, took place on Saturday, December 19, with an audience of approximately 1,200 people. A small audience for the presented fighting level.

Let's start with two Muay Thai fights with local athletes that rocked their fans and, soon after this, a presentation of Boxing happened. Soon after these bouts finished, the MMA matches began. The first one was between the two fighters from Maranhão: Anderson "Tartaruga", from Toca do Samurai team , against Miguel, from Granola Team. Anderson was superior throughout the fight, stroke down his opponent, took him down to the ground and managed to get his back, punishing his opponent with punches and finishing it with a rear naked choke.

Johnny Cyborg, from RFT, faced Rodrigo Ximbica from Gracie Fusion. The two of them began the bout striking each other very hard. Ximbica tried some high kicks that were quickly responded by punches of his opponent. While attempting to put Cyborg down, Rodrigo had his finger completely twisted. The fact impressed very much the referee Paulo"Borracha". "Ximbica" was unable to go back to fight and due to great pain he was suffering, the referee declared Cyborg the winner of the fight.

Wendel "War Machine", from Gracie Fusion, faced former UFC fighter, Alexandre "Baixinho" from Carlson Gracie, in a tight fight with both athletes respecting themselves pretty much, the public got angry and started booing the fight. "War Machine" was more aggressive at the end of the third round and took" Baixinho" down sometimes. It is worth mentioning that "Baixinho's" Jiu-jitsu improved very much, sweeping "War Machine" off when he was in half guard, but he recovered and ended up with the movement. At the end of the third round, in a unanimous decision it was Wendel "War Machine's" victory.

In the main fight of the night, the local idol Zuluzinho, faced Angelo Araujo from BTT, who defeated "Mondragon", that won the fight he had with his opponent in the first edition of Ilha Combat. The fight began with Angelo running inside the huge octagon (9m x 9m) and Zuluzinho running after him. The BTT athlete tried to punch Zuluzinho with no effects, who was always punched back. That was the tone of the fight, until the former Pride fighter managed to put Angelo down and from there he punched both sides of Angelo's body and also attempted to finish him with an armbar. He changed his stance intending to gain a better position to win. He spread the weight on top of Angelo's, who eventually gave up the fight, for the delight of the audience and for Zulu have the victory again.

It is worth mentioning the excellent work of referee Paulo "Borracha" and the coordinator of the arbitration, Fabiano Capoani, which even though with a few failures in the event, engaged themselves for making it happen.

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