Iliarde Santos vs Chris Cariaso - what say you?

I'm thinking this is going to be a close fight - who are you picking?

I can see Cariaso winning by decision. Tough fight to call though. Phone Post 3.0

In to read opinions. Toss up IMO

Cariaso wins in the clinch.

Cariaso by easy decision. avoiding wild punches while point punching Phone Post 3.0

I'm a fan of Chris but I think Santos takes a decision. I think he looked great against Creepy. Phone Post 3.0

If either guy goes for a takedown strategy they can win... I'm thinking Santos will.

+ Santos has been training with the Alcantara brothers for at least a month.

Close fight. Iliarde by homeland split, but everybody is happy cause it was a good fight... I think. Phone Post 3.0

I heard a radio/podcast interview with Cariaso, and wow, what a nice thoughtful guy. Hard not to root for him.

Based on past performances of both guys, and my new man-crush (BEEP!), I'm going with Chris.