Ilir Latifi at 210

+210 ! This seems crazy to me. Bader was looking great before Anthony Johnson but Latifi is a freak of nature. Anyone think differently? Had to consult with the experts before throwing down my bet. 

Latifi is extremely fast and I could see him connect and knock Bader out. He hits like a truck. But this is a really big step up in competition for him so the odds probably are on point. Phone Post 3.0

I am a huge Latifi fan, but Bader keeps improving his overall game and he also possesses KO power in his hands.

I see this fight taking place on the feet for the most part and Bader most probably takes it by decision. Phone Post 3.0

Doesn't there have to be good value in a guy that is as fast and powerful as latifi getting 2:1 odds vs a guy who got his brain rattyled by anthony johnson earlier this year? 


not sure if i worded that right, but you get what im saying?

lol. Bader hasn't stopped somebody since 2013, hasn't KO'd someone since 2011.

I don't think Ilir is going to win, but that's not a bad value pick.

This is a good bet Phone Post 3.0