I'll be in SoCal for seminars this summer.

I'll be in Southern CA several times over the course of the summer. If any gym/school is interested in hosting a seminar for wrestling, boxing or MMA, get ahold of me.


Tim Lajcik


And if you're between Los Angeles and Ventura County and want a private, we can probably set something up.

 TTT for The Bohemian!


Will you be in south OC? Phone Post

I'm happy to go anywhere people want to learn. I dont have anything set up there as of yet, but if you know a gym/school there that's interested, South OC is no trouble.


 Ill buy ya dinner

HKP, how could I say no to dinner with an UG legend?


I have been a fan of yours for years and attended one of your seminars in oakdale when i trained up there with joao. Well, now I live in redondo beach so I will be monitoring this thread. I am going to start training at triton mma, John Marsh's school next month.

To anyone that can attend one of Tim's seminars, make sure you do it.

Are the shirts not available anymore?

Dunc, great to see your post. I remember you from Oakdale of course. Hope things are good in Redondo Beach. If a seminar turns up near you, I'll let you know.I used to run into John Marsh at some of the underground fights early in my career. Seemed like a good guy.

There should still be some shirts available on BohemianBrand.com.

Again, great to hear from you. All the best,


Tim Lajcik - HPK, how could I say no to dinner with an UG legend?


 Timbo , whose HPK ? I understand with a lasty like Lajcik spelling is Phundamental .

Let Me know when your in town !

 Wow Dunc is back.I haven`t seen you on the UG in a long time.

HKP- Sorry, Champ. Careless typing. Let me know what town you're in and we'll grab some chow when I'm down.


crowbar, thanks for plugging the shirt/site, by the way. Hope things are good on your end.


Thanks for the kind words Tim.Things will be good for the next two months.After that.....I probably won`t be stable & have to move. 

Man that sucks. Just saw that UC Davis dropped their wrestling program. And Zalesky basically had to leave to Cal Baptist (which I've never even heard of)

Sorry to hear there's some trouble on the horizon, brother. I hope you can get it sorted out. If you ever find yourself between places, I've got an extra room. My guess is you'll never need it, but it's there and no trouble.


Bruce, I had to fight every single day while head coach to keep the program alive at UC Davis. Zalesky did the same and was a great coach to boot. The athletic department's decision to ultimately scrap the team was both stupid and heartbreaking. I'm in their Hall of Fame and don't know if I'll ever feel like setting foot on that campus again.


Tim, I live in Burbank and I would love to learn whatever you have to show.

Let me know where you are teaching and how much.

Feel free to call me 323-246-3383


 Wow,that is UNBELIEVABLE.I dont even know what to say.Im mesmerised at what I just read,that you would reach out in the manner of which you just did Tim.Ill be fine,just not living as comfortable as Im used to.

I`m still in shock at what I just read.

TTT for a super gracious individual known as Tim Lajcik.