ill blood fightwear

Check out the site. We have a full line of fight gear as well as updates from the MMA and hardcore world. Right now we are looking to endorse up and coming fighters. If you are interested please email:

You will see that we have the cheapest prices around. I don't see the need to charge someone $20 plus dollars for a tshirt that costs $6 to make.

After the first of the year we will be updating our line with all new designs and other goodies. Take a second to check it out. Thanks.


i love the throwdown lyrics on the one shirt.
are the shorts loose fit grappling shorts or just shorts?
i will be placing an order with my next paycheck.


Ill Blood Fightwear is a gay name....
but Buttfish is ok with you?


They are like Satin fight shorts. I have tight grappling shorts on order and new thai fight shorts as well. Pass the web address along to your friends and I will be looking for your order soon. Thanks bro.

Rich- I emailed you bro!


ttt g

hah when i saw this site i got so happy.. finally someone mixed my 2 loves in life... the core and mma.. good shit rich i'm gonna be buying from you pretty soon.. and buttfish, the name ill blood is not what you think.. not ill as in "ill bloood brooo, that shit's ill brah!!!" i'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's from shai hulud (one of my fav bands)... that within blood ill-tempered? booyeah.. ttt for the core and mma

i thought it would be from no warning's ill blood.

It is from No Warning xplatoonx. Good guess. I have gottena lot of positive feedback from my site and I appreciate it all. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I hope everyone has a good Xmas or whatever it is they celebrate.

ahhh no warning.. good shit... ttt

Ill Blood is an official sponsor of my St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital Event on February 12, 2005 in Kaukauna,Wisconsin. Much props to them.

Fearless Goat

do you guys do sponsorships?

contact me at




Check the site people!

Hey Ray Elbe,

Just drop me an email asap and we can talk more.