I'll draw you crappy pictures...

Yes yes yessssss!

I’ve missed this thread. Marvelous! Worth a reread


Always wanted one drawn. Awesome seeing everyone’s from the beginning lol


gay arrow GIF by Jess Mac

Bumped this for you

Thanks but I don’t believe this is the one I was thinking of, I was referring to the draw your username thread where the artist simply interpreted your username.

I tried to scroll through this thread find the one Ash made for me but this app is a spaz when it comes to scrolling around.

CNTR - F then type your screen name

Ahhhh, sorry. Though it was this one

Actually that didn’t work at all lulz

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I’m not sure if I ever got one. I’ll have to search it from a computer when I get a chance. Awesome as always though!

I don’t recall. It was probably in the Crappy Avatar thread though. That’s where Trav’s was.