Ill Fight Manny Reyes!

Man im sick of all this BS..........manny get the balls to step up to a 6 time Network halo champion............If you have the balls, but i think your a coward bitch..............Ive never fought MMA, but i deserve a shot in the what logic you ask? by my own damn warped sense of right and wrong the best Halo player to ever step into the octagon, Zuffa make it happen!

You've got yourself your first fan, bro.


TTT for plasma grenades

TTT for DW a future UFC champ!!!

Back of the line DW! Theres alot of people who'll fight a Midget!!!

Oh yeh well I'm the best SOCOM II player by far!!!

To late. I have never fought MMA in my life and I already challenged him. No reply. He is scared of ALL of us.

I got first dibs on Manny's belt.

You can have all the dibs but he wont fight sorry guys. He isnt a honorable karate man :)

Manny -- how old are you? Really. I mean, for a guy who never reads this shit, you sure reply a lot. And if your so big that you don't need to be fighting anywhere except the UFC, then why are you even fuckin' here?

Oh, wait, let me guess what your reply will be -- the by now sadly famous Cut-n-Paste of your Karate record.

LOL. Even Mr. Myagi tink's your a fuck stick.

sometimes you are sad....and no one sees your tears....

sometimes you are happy....and no one sees your smile....

but the one time you me... everyone smells that shit....


Listen this is exactly what Manny wants he wants to rile everyone up. Just stop posting on his threads if you see a Manny Reyes thread don't post anything let him be the only one to post on his thread. I will post this message on all of his threads and then I'm done with em. Oh and BTW if I happen to see either Manny, his brother or anyone romtely to do with Manny Reyes on the street I promise you he'll will never post on here again.


Inbred bitch would have sounded better.