I'll get in on the "I'm sick of"..

"sirjoshua, actually that is what Josh Koscheck said after defeating Jonathan Goullett a couple weeks back...."All you guys on the internets and stuff, on the undergroun"..... "

dee dee dee

this I already know..... that's why I made a comment...cause it's pretty shitty to repeat ANYTHING that George W. Bush says! :)


I'm not gonna argue with ya bro, no hostile intentions here. Its just obvious you don't even understand what you claim to believe. I'm not calling you a bad person, in fact I agreed with 90% of your post. Check out what Jesus teaches in the bible and you will see what I mean. Hope I didn't tick ya off too much.

sir, you didn't piss me off. I do believe. I'm one of the few that admits it here. My language probably expressed otherwise but that's my sense of humor. What I was referring to is that you assumed anyone that doesn't love Jesus lacks spiritual maturity, that's all. Again I am a believer, not afraid to say it.


"Again I am a believer, not afraid to say it."

Thats cool. I totally agree with your point #5. Its a shame that people get on here and disrespect fighters alot, but its goes with the business. I've never seen Stever Yzerman on a Red Wings forum defending himself against trolls!

you lost me with the Hockey reference but, yeah my point with that is sports fans are alot like coworkers you gotta know they're going to talk shit, cut your throat and sell you out behind your back, but they'll have lunch with you, go to happy hour and buy you a beer....

The hockey thing was my observation about fighters getting really upset by trolls on this forum. We are trying to push this sport mainstream, so you gotta look at a sport that is already mainstream and ask yourself if these guys are on the internet saying "why you guys gotta talk **** about me." The answer is no because they don't have time to worry about that silly stuff. Does that make any sence? :)

agreed, that plus they get paid much more

its hard to take someone dubbed "the dissapointment" seriously.

And people wonder why i love Pilot so.....awesome thread..lol

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wait a bloody minute, who the fuck wonders why this strong, viril latin male loves me so much....stop wondering

"why this strong, viril latin male loves me so much"


my hawk is grandfathered in.
its timeless.

I don't like it when they thank Jesus for winning...

...If they wanna thank him for making sure that no one was seriously injured, and all that stuff....sure. But I doubt Jesus's main concern is that you get your 2k to win.

Good post.

LOL! Great thread and I agree!

This pic is a masterpiece!!!!!

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The internet is what kept MMA alive


Mohawks, with the exception of Chuck everyone else must stop doing this immediatley. Especially the ones that aren't true mohawks, meaning the ones that aren't ballsy enough to shave the sides of their heads. Erik Apple, this is probably the hairstyle you have right now. "

Incorrect, Chuck needs to lose it as well. In fact if he just shaved his head I would probably like him 200 percent more. The dumb looking mohawk and trucker stash for some reason just dont sit well with me. Makes me think he would look right at home behind the wheel of a raised giant truck with spotlights on the top and a gunrack in the back.