Illegal aliens end hunger strike after Cuomo agrees to give them $2.1B in aid

Patriots! ALL OF THEM!

I can sympathize with those in New York who didn’t vote for Cuomo, Warren Diblasio or any of the leftist bullshit that is ruining the state. I live in California and it is frustrating to see all of the terrible decisions made and watching he state just go to absolute shit. I live in a fairly decent are, but literally two or three exits up the freeway it becomes a damn near 3rd world type area. I only can hope new homes push the madness further away instead of it coming closer.


Wait… WTF? The name says ILLEGAL aliens… as in… ILLEGAL… like, not legal. Wait, lemme start at the beginning… ILLEGAL aliens… I’m fuckin confused

Because he’s a Democrat and they get to do whatever they want and get praised for it.

The wife and I have decided to help our neighbours to the south so we got some money together in order to form a welcome party for the migrants crossing the border. It is just a small gesture but hope it helps.


They’re Brits, but we had a tight budget. Have you seen the price of toothpaste lately?

I use to vote for democrats around 12 years, ago.

You can’t even consider them left, anymore. They’re basically a few moderates mixed in with far left radical leaders.

How about just deport the 200,000 ILLEGAL aliens. It would save 2 billion plus dollars.

What a joke…

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Argue the substance. Or can’t you?

Ches mojados

I figure NYC will be calling in Snake Plissken in less than 10 years


he is such a piece of shit

Wht is even more disgusting when I think on it is that these illegal fuckers openly protested through a hunger strike. Wht happened to being afraid of la migra?

He is making NY eat the whole hot dog

Those people sure drive a hard bargain.

Good on Cuomo for not going above $2.1bil though. Anything more than that wouldn’t be reasonable. Wait to hold the line there governor.