Illegal Choking Incident

A while back I remember there being a story (posted on the UG or OG) about a high-school wrestler who guillotined his opponents all the way up to state championship match (in which he was disqualified for using the hold).I think this article is about the same incident, though it doesn't go into much detail about the hold itself:, I'd really like to get some more info on what exactly happened. I'm currently writing a chapter on Egyptian wrestling for my PhD. There's a piece of art which shows a wrestler using a guillotine, and he's being warned to remember that he's competing in front of Pharaoh. Some have interpreted this to mean that he's committing a foul, and is being cautioned against this.I'm not sure whether this interpretation is accurate or not, but I'm going to provide arguments for both sides. I'm pointing out that it might seem unlikely that a person would engage in a blatant foul before his ruler, but that the wrestler might be doing this slightly surreptitiously. Eg. He's going for a legit front headlock, but then turning it into a choke to wear the guy down. I think that's what happened in that high-school case, though I might be remembering it wrong.Anyway, does anyone remember anything about that case? Or can anyone tell me stories about wrestlers doing what I've described? It would be much appreciated.Thanks.

That article pretty much sums up most of what I heard about what happened. The wrestler, Ron Wright, was disqualified at the New England tournament, and I believe, may have been stripped of his state title as well.

I am fairly certain that it is actually a variation on the headlock as opposed to a guillotine.

I did hear somewhere as well that Ron Wright had choked out an opponent in college. He wrestles now for Sacred Heart, and it was against a wrestler from Harvard.

No way a ref would let a guillotine go. Maybe a tight front headlock. But not a guillotine