Illegal immigration earning billions for smugglers

Report: Illegal Immigration Is Earning Billions For Smugglers

A new report estimates cartels and smuggling networks are making billions off of Central Americans who are fleeing their countries in droves thanks to America's messed-up immigration laws.

By John Daniel Davidson

If you don’t think the ongoing border crisis is benefitting criminal smuggling networks and Mexican drug cartels, you’re not paying attention. A new report from the RAND Corporation found that smugglers and cartels earned as much as $2.3 billion from Central American migrants in 2017.

The report, conducted by the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC), which is operated by RAND, analyzed the black market for human smuggling in Central America, Mexico, and along the southern U.S. border in hopes of understanding how it works and how much money is going to drug cartels—or, in government parlance, transnational criminal organizations (TCOs).