Illinois Follow Up Info

Don't know if this is of interst but thought I'd post it in light of all the IL discussion lately.LINK TO STORY

Just one bump for all the folks who were discussing the changes and problems in Illinois recently.

Well... I know that the state is looking to further enhance its definitions of kickboxing, martial arts, and ultimate fighting... so that there is documented standards for competition.

The vagueness of the existing laws is what allows these loop holes. Before it gave the the flexibility to make an interpretation asa they saw fit (hence the allowance of SHOOTO and Shidokan). Now, they will tighten the language in the current laws and therefore not leave it up to a judge to interpret.

Mark Bjelland you are a hero of mine!

A victory is a victory!

We're Martial Artists,fighting ain't nothing new!

The state of IL just might get ko'd in round 4.

Yippee Ki-Ya,you know the rest.

Robert, would you agree that the MMA fans of Illinois would want to keep distance between themselves and Toughman though?

I have little insight as to how some IL TM shows have been run and it is unimpressive to say the least.

I am going to go so far as to say that in a perfect world (or state)we'd want to seperate toughman from MMA in the eyes of the state and keep the ban on toughman.


yes i would definetly agree with you.last year we had a toughman style show here in the county i live in,ended up with the police having to be called.

i am a firm believer that toughman should be banned,
as they care nothing about the fighters,only about the $.

i'm just tickled that someone in our state,finally landed a solid right,on the chin of the i.d.p.r.

however i feel that Rich is correct,and this will only cause,them to toughen up their position even more.

Their formula is to have day 1 fights between known ringers and sucks. This equals big knockouts (oh, and the occasional death, but who cares right?).

This assures the gate for day 2, where you will eventually have a couple of matches between guys who actually know what they are doing.

The problem is that the 'normal' guys who sign up because they played HS football or once lived through a Jr. High shoving match, have no idea that 2 to 4 guys who actually know how to fight are gonna be in it.

This is pretty much unlike anything I've seen in MMA where athletes who specifically trian for the event are matched against like opponents. As a result, I think MMA in IL should point out the differences to the state at any chance they get.

Working on it...

They also need to be educated about the idea that strikes thrown on the ground are less potent than strikes thrown while standing.

Boxers put there whole body behind a cross, hook, or uppercut. Most ground punches in MMA are arm punches, with the occassional power shot thrown when a guy can get the right leverage.