Illinois handing out iou to lottery winners

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Bwahahaha. Phone Post 3.0

I wonder if they will let people pay their taxes with IOUs.  

That's why you get the lump sum

Anything over $600. Another well run state. Pass a budget already you liberal pussies. Phone Post 3.0

Emperor Madigan can eat shit. Phone Post 3.0

It makes me wonder why any state would actually be responsible...the federal government will end up bailing Illinois out while states like Wisconsin have gone to great efforts to not only have a surplus but a fully funded pension system.

The question is...why? Why bother?

Just spend through the roof, wait for a bailout, rinse and repeat until we default on a national scale. Phone Post 3.0

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Decades of Democratic control. Republican governors couldn't over come the Democratic representatives.

Bruce Rauner is the first governor with the balls to stand up to Mike Madigan (the guy that has actually run the state for a couple decades). Phone Post 3.0

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