Illinois not fair to MMA!

Ammy MMA fighters have to now have yearly blood work! which in my opinion is progress. Ammy Boxers due not have to have bloodwork of any kind! Kinda shitty because the folks that oversee MMA in Illinos are the "BOXING BOARD" DOUBLE STANDARD!! LET EM KNOW what you think

Boxing trying to keep MMA down!!!!!Thats the only conclusion here!

"BOXING BOARD" State of Ill (312)814-2721 Discrimination against MMA! there is no other way of looking at it!

Chicago = Corruption

WeeWillyWinky - Chicago = Corruption


Im cool with the added safty measure! But Boxing should have to as well!

"I agree that it is not fair,but your gonna have to get an atty to change it" Rafael Caro Illinois Boxing and professional regulation Board.

hmmm how about just no one hold MMA events in Illinois until it is changed?

The serious loss of tax revenue for the boxing commission will feel worse than a choir boy's ass when the priest gets done with it.

I think thats what they want is for MMA to go away! ammy level anyway!

i think its good that ammys have to have blood work in mma.  No offense to ammy fighters, because there are some good ones who look to progress in the sport, but illinois is full of nasty little wanna bes that sign up to fight in all the bars and local ammy shows. 

its a disgrace.  in illinois anyone can fight.  its a joke.  In illinois, if you can wear two gloves and a tap out shirt you are good to go.

hopefully this helps weed out some of the rif raff that are plauging the illinois ammy mma scene.

it's no fucking different in any other state. Hell around here promoters (or behind the scenes promoters) are on the commission. Which in itself is crooked as fuck. But what you are saying, is no different in any state that I've ever dealt with.

You'd be surprised how many guys call me for cages that basically want me to tell them how to run a show. They went to a show, thought..."hey, I can make some money" and decided to buy a cage. Those are the guys that I avoid like the black plague. But, those calls come from ALL OVER the country.

Actually there have been no mma fights in IL latley all were stoped until a commission hearing which was on wed, you should be happy they diddnt go with canvas ring material LOL. most of the promoters were there along with some agents and KUBED was down there also.

Now Tony, I'm not going to lie. I have absolutely no love for amateur MMA because of 90% of the promoters that hold the events. The guys that do it right and honestly give a shit about the sport, great. Problem is, that's 10% (and that's a nice number) of amateur promoters.

It's usually a good bet that if I turn down an order from someone, it's because I pretty much just don't want to deal with them because I feel they fall into the 90% of amateur MMA promoters. The ones that I do build for, I have full faith that they truly care about the sport, the fighters and the fans.

I always steer people away from canvas. It's simply a walking bio-hazard. If someone wants it, sure, ok, plan on replacing it every time, should I put in a standing order now? haha

 In the illinois ammy circuit they are taking these young guys 18 and 19 who (at that age very few people have had the training needed to fight mma pro or ammy) and they send them out there to pound on each other so the promoter can make ticket and beer money. 

all these guys want to be "the next ultimate fighter"  and are being taken advantage of by slimy promoters.

its a joke.  At least its good to know that now, the rockem sockem robots dont have the HIV or the Hep.

I know right. They wanted canvas too and everyone in the room gave the same opinion that it was shit for mma. I havent had a chance to talk to kelvin yet about all that went down, we had a meeting yesterday but diddn't get too much into it. I will prob get a good run down sometime this weekend. I know power fights and a few others were pissed at what was going on latley.

Again...Illinois promoters are no different than KS promoters, MO promoters, CO promoters etc...

You will always have slimy promoters no matter where you go. That is a fact.

You will find very few good amateur promoters. Tony happens to fall in the GOOD category.

 The only thing i dont agree with is that these guys arent getting paid the way it is. how they gonna afford bloodwork? I can hardly afford bloodwork lol

No one has a problem with the safegaurds in place but it should apply to Boxing as well!