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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cause for a pause: Retired Wings now are ring bearers

Ted Kulfan / The Detroit News

 Alex Delvecchio and a lot of former Red Wings finally have Stanley Cup rings.

 Wings owners Mike and Marian Ilitch sent living Red Wings, who won Stanley Cups with the organization before the 1997 Wings' championship team, a version of the 2008 championship ring to honor the players' contribution to the organization.

 "You'd have to be a weightlifter to wear this thing," said Delvecchio, who won three Stanley Cups in the 1950s with the Wings.

 General manager Ken Holland estimates as many as 30 retired Wings received the rings. Holland said this was strictly an idea of the Ilitches.

  "In respect to the tradition of the Red Wings, and what these players contributed," Holland said. "Players in that era didn't receive rings. Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch felt this would be a way to honor these players for what the players accomplished."

 The ring the retired players received has the player's name on one side, and an amount of diamonds reflecting how many Stanley Cups the player won with the Wings on an opposite side.

 The former Wings players received their rings last week.

 "It speaks to the ownership here, and the tradition of an Original Six team," Holland said.


 In unrelated news 6 of these have already appeared in Detroit area pawn shops...

Cool move by the Illitch's though. ;)

ya nice

Classy move but that ring is gaudy as fuck.

 lol.  All championship rings are.

But, alas, as a Toronto fan, you wouldn't know that.

Oh Snap!


LOL, fair play.