I'm a Father

I know it's not really UG material...but just wanted to spread the word that my son, Evan William Largewas born Saturday night, 3/6 (7 lbs. 7 oz.) Gave his mom and I quite a scare (emergency C-section) but my boy is alive and kicking. He's already got a Mino grip, so it's only a matter of time til I start him on the mats. Mundials, here we come.

Congrats man. Best wishes to you and yours.

hey congrats man. my wife also had a c-sec. good luck to you and your family.

awesome, congratulations

Congradulations buddy!

My wife is due to have a C section 14th of August for our child too.


Great news! My boy is almost 6. I can remember him being born like it was yesterday. They grow so damn fast. Enjoy these times.

best wishes, I have one on the wat to.

Good job, man! Way to put the stem on the apple!

Best wishes to your family as well.


Congratulations. There is nothing better than fatherhood.

"this is not really UG material"


jk Congrats man!!!!!!!


What's up John? Congratulations.

Jon West

My son just turned 4 months old. It's really amazeing what a simple smile when they see you can do to a grown man. Enjoy him and give your wife a kiss everyday :)



My wife will soon be giving birth to our second child (which I already know is a boy).

My daughter is nearly three years old and I think she could possibly choke out Matt Hughes!

Good luck and forget about sleeping!

Congratulations bro. Looks like he's already got a better guard than you. You might want to take some lessons from him.


Congrats!!! Kids are a holy terror, but a blessing as well. I know, i have 4! And there is nothing quite like the smiles they give :D God i love their rotten asses!

congrats man, best thing in the world. Enjoy it. My boy is 8 months and already crawling on the mat!