I'm a MMA Weekly Hall of Famer AMA

I'm also bored. Been awhile and hope all is well!

What is an mma weekly hall of famer? Phone Post

A guy with way too much time on his hands. But lucky enough to be inducted by Ryan Bennett.

Who? Phone Post

mixedmartialmike - Who? Phone Post

Face palm Phone Post

if you don't know who Ryan Bennett is, you should hand in your MMA fan card right now. Even if you are new to the sport.

Lol why because I didn't know the name of the guy who ran an mma website?

My bad. Phone Post

I just face palmed myself for starting this thread. Oh, well ;)

Damn GB I can remember listening to you, Ryan and Trigg shooting the shit all the time on MMA Weekly Radio...I always thought, "Who is that country SOB?" LOL. Good times. Phone Post

Good for you. Phone Post


Good to see you back. Phone Post

Always enjoyed reading your posts. Welcome back. Phone Post