I'm a movie star

No, of course not. However, I do have a movie that will premiere at the Cinevegas film festival tomorrow (Saturday) at the Palms in Las Vegas. There's also another showing on Sunday. For anybody in Las Vegas, come check it out. Its called Loren Cass. You may also recognize Aaron Riley and Krazy Horse in one of the fight scenes. Holla


Nice Din. I'd pick you over Mayweather any day of the week by the way.

i thought you died...ttt



I thought this was going to be a sequel to dirty dancing :)



I thought Dancing with the Stars had hit the big screen!


What was it like working with Din Thomas, Aaron Riley, and Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett?

Fuller: It was exactly what we needed with this film. They're pretty much fearless, and certainly didn't have a problem beating on some of our actors (perhaps they even enjoyed it?). They're all good guys and it was definitely great hanging out with them for a few days. They sacrificed a lot of hours with very little in return and did an amazing job on film. Fighting-wise, the first thing that jumped out at us when we started filming the main fight scene was Din's hand speed...and obviously his power. My original hope to do multiple takes was quickly dashed and we ended up only doing two or three of each scene, there's only so much punishment folks can take.

Congrats Hollywood!!! How's the kid doing?


Din Thomas? Never heard of the guy!


Cool! Did the Wolfman get you the job?

Maybe you can get Spike Lee to do Brokeback Jungle Fever Mountain with you and Aaron Riley. I'd go see it.


I rather enjoy your bouts


This is an obvious troll, or Din found away to post from beyond the grave. You do the math.

Din Thomas is dead. We all saw the thread (http://www.mma.tv/TUF/index.cfm?ac=ListMessages&PID=1&TID=1060075&FID=1)

RIP Din Thomas