I'm addicted to chiropractor videos on Youtube

Mondragon #1

She has some excellent patients.

I almost feel like hearing the crunching is some sort of ASMR.


Because you’re a fucking weirdo.

I have to say i like this one myself


Anyone got reds contact info? I’m pretty good at back work.

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“How ya paying for this today cash or ass”?

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Where else does he put his fingers?

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Yeah it’s one of those insomnia activities op

I actually listened to a special one for that last night and I swear I fell asleep in like 2 minutes flat. It was crazy.

Chiros legit freak me out. Those quick snapping movements with the head and neck seem like they could really fuck you up badly.

I know some people swear by it, but fuck that noise.

Looks too much like this, am I right?

Are we ignoring the rack on the law student?

Season 4 Wow GIF by The Office

LOL. Pretty much.

maybe I’ve seen too many 80s action movies where the hero or super-spy is killing people with a quick jerking movement of the head/neck but just looks like that type of shit can’t be healthy for you.

I’ve been to the chiropractor a few times and I never seen any other patients dressed like these in the videos lol

Chiro videos are basically G-rated porn.

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So kinda like a nostalgic fap

Sad thing is you get better camera work in these chiro videos than in the vast majority of porn videos.

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