I'm already reading the new forum less

Sad times.


Glad you made it

It’s a vicious circle, I’m reading it less because most of the decent posters have gone. It’s far easier using Chrome on iPad than the App, but not much point coming here if there’s nothing interesting to read

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After using it a bit I like it better overall. Still miss pages and the search function is fucked.

I use it just as much now. Took a good few days to understand all the nuts and bolts but now it’s easy sailing


Yeah it’s all good it is what it is


I’ve been reading it less, too. I’ll be looking at a post and it suddenly resets. I’m not sure where I was on the post. Super annoying.


That is going to be addressed at a meeting Wednesday.

The new functionality is crazy good, but there is a learning curve. Give it some time, please!!!


I’m reading it as much, but there seems to be less interesting threads.

It’s kind of like weekend traffic, only every day.

Hopefully it’ll pick up.

I do miss frames… but this new thing is just fine.

I don’t understand what people would leave based on the change.
It’s more about the conversations than the layout IMO.

I got started here because most people I encountered in daily life didn’t know shit about MMA.
Even some guys I traned with just didn’t seem to follow it as closely as I did.
This was the only place I could come and encounter people who were as into it as I was – and in many cases even more knowledgeable.

Teh OG was like a bonus, and has a personality and humor that is unique IMO.

If I wasn’t posting here, I probably wouldn’t be posting anywhere.

Hopefully those who left will want their fix and decide to come check it out.


It’s good to see you back and replying in this kinda style Kirik

It doesn’t help the forum as a whole when Chris patronises and mocks the users


The non frames format makes it challenging to read vs frames
Overall it way more updated
Im posting recent mma news same as it ever was

Probably because you aren’t reading the same posts over and over again anymore. I like having to scroll less. Being brought to exactly where you left off last time is a great feature for a forum.


@Soul_Gravy , hope this cheers you up!

Like A Boss Dancing GIF

Seems like activity is way down which is what I thought would happen moving to Discourse. I’m ok with the new forum but thought a more familiar setup would have retained more posters.


Same. It’s growing on me and it’s a big improvement over the old app

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Nobody is posting shit.

One issue that keeps occurring is not being able to see an entire thread. If its a big thread, w say 100 replies, only half will load then freezes up. The only way to access the most current replies is for me to make a reply myself, then it will catch up and show me my post.

Irritating af. Using Android Discoursehub


I just upgraded to pro. Hopefully that fixes the issues. They seem to be making an effort.


If you tap the post counter in the bottom right you can scroll wherever you want. I agree it’s still janky but you can absolutely get to the most recent post without having to post yourself.