I'm already reading the new forum less

Yeah, i remember when it was like $25 and that was what you needed to do to be able to post pics or gifs.

Also, there used to be “pros only” threads, that mudnamers couldn’t access. That was an interesting concept that should be explored again.

There sort of is but it’s through the message system where you can invite pro’s only.

Pro membership is $12 annually or $2/month if you so choose to test drive it.

@Soul_Gravy ! My main man. You feeling better yet? I miss you!

You mean like on Hulu? Or Pandora? Spotify? Majority of cell phone games? It’s pretty common in 2021 to pay to remove ads

Do you have one that works on the app? Not all of us are sitting in front of a computer

Page numbers need to implemented PRONTO esp. for desktop users

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that stings, not gonna lie.

whatever you posted on LAST GOES ON TOP

For only one dollar a month you can help save thousands of little Chris’s and Kirik’s with your donation today.

That’s right,f or just $.25 a week, you can make a real impact.


There are no pages anymore.


i’m one of the power users of the site.

the lack of PAGE NUMBERS make it very unappealing for me to review and contribute to some of my larger threads!

we also need no nonsense old school MY SUBS… whatever you posted on last goes on top of the list. now it’s not really working that way with the “EYE”


Yeah, I don’t get the problem ? I’ve got a post count right beside the thread and I can scroll the bar to the end almost instantly.

One of the things with pages is, if you posted in a thread and it ended up at the bottom of a page, it often gets missed as people tend to go right to the last page.

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how much traffic have you driven to this site?
i am historically a HUGE driver of traffic here.
millions and millions of view counts. 10s of millions

YOU NEED THE PAGE NUMBERS because when you are dealing with 10-15 haters at once, you need to know where the pages are to reply. they are demarcation points… like 2 pages back, this tard posted i need to reply. 3-4 pages back that tard posted I need to reply.
it’s essential for larger threads and on DESKTOP.
on the app I could see just the infinite scroll being fine.

it’s clunky to go up and down with the scroller. sometimes it locks up. sometimes it takes forever to get back to the first post. like I said page numbers are clear demarcation points and are essential for large threads. these things should be OPTIONS. like if you want page numbers, you got the option, default will be this new infinite scroll thing.

I’m also reading using the site less precisely due to this infinite scroll thing.
Just giving my feedback

Lol. Okay…


yeah. i’m a self back scratcher. whatever.
The forum’s future is literally on the line here and I’m giving people my constructive advice based on being a literal power user since 2003.
this is a HUGE CHANGE and a lot of people won’t be back unless the atmosphere/functionality reminds them of the older sites.

I’m already noticing FAR LESS TRAFFIC, far less responses to threads. threads don’t get as long these days…

WHY? infinite scroll