I'm already reading the new forum less

Huge power bottom , imo

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So who’s a bigger deal ? You here or Dougie on teh Facebook?

You seem upset. And no, I wouldn’t pay for any of those either.

Anything that makes EY want to post less I’m all for

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Upset for pointing out you were wrong with your statement?
You choosing not to pay has nothing to do with the reality of 2021.

Watch out. He’ll try to cancel you if you argue with him too much. Little man syndrome or something…

Emotionally invested? Effeminate? Take your pick.

I’ve noticed.

get the page numbers back to save the site!

The first few days were rough but I feel like things are slowly returning to normal. It just shows the kind of pussies that inhabited the old site. A few changes, better functionality and they couldnt be bothered to learn the ropes that a 2 year old could figure out. Good riddance. The return to glory has already begun.

Agreed. Took a couple days but I’m digging this a lot more

Oooo Shake that thang gramma!!! I ainrt mad!

I’m on it more. After my initial experience which was horrible, I got an add free account and now I prefer it to the old one, on the app anyway. Fuck this no frame nonsense.

If EY hates it they must be doing something right!


I’m liking it. Maybe the old folks are having a hard time with the new technology?

What’s this “add free account” shit though? Can I pay to remove ads?

For those that may not know you can very easily jump to first or last post of any thread. Helps with navigation I find.

Pretty much a 1:1 correlation between “loudest tantrums” & “posters I’d miss the least”.

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The funniest thing so far is that he thought he was a “Top Poster” because he was in a list of his own threads, lol.


This new site sucks ass. I come here out of habit multiple times a day but I only end up opening like 3-4 threads. I get to about the 5th or 6th comment and it’s just not a smooth site. My OG time has gone down by 90% at least.