I'm an atheist


I don't know why but every time I read this it makes me laugh.

 dude that's great



take out the quotes and it looks like a "sport" vs "street" cartoon.

 it's true

Damn I LOLed at that. Great cartoon.

What you don~t know is that the Christian with the bat is about to wack the bully Atheist.


 kaab  thank you for that fine example of what the cartoonist just explained.

 no one would argue that you are pretty simple minded and slow witted.


it's a comic commentary on the fact that Christians and Atheists are both EXTRELEY dogmatic and BOTH will take every chance to beat down a fringe cult group.


it's a slap at bot.  to christians for not adhering to their own religious doctrines, and to atheists for their hypocrisy, which you have so graciously exampled for us with your post.

Kaab are you crazy? Serious question. You sound like Mike Tyson. Honestly.