I'm an outlaw mc prospect (ask me almost anything)

ShanTheMan - 
EL Berto -
The Popeye - "Either you're in an omc, or you're just a middle aged balding civilian playing on his weekend harley"

"Is this Ima pretend biker thread still going?"

See this is the funny thing about this thread. So the basic mindset of the OG is. If you ride with a club then it has to be an Outlaw motorcycle gang, and if it is then you are a piece of shit criminal low life. If it is not then you are a wanna be douche bag poseur.

No in between no respectable middle ground either a criminal low life or a douche bag poseur.

I would like to be excluded from the generalization.

Obviously I don't care for OMGs, but I have been clear that I think that there is a very respectable middle ground.

I even pointed out you and your club as an example in posts. You guys do great work. As a guy who wears nautical striped shirts and crocs, I can't criticize someone for wearing boots, a leather jacket, and riding a motorcycle.

You shit on ice coffee and cargo shorts but wear crocs? The fuck Ned?

Ned is an enigma

He is a riddle wrapped in a mystery and cloaked in an enigma, all smothered with secret sauce.

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When they go out do they all order the Club Sandwich?



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Good bump. Rewatching Devils Ride for the lolz. Its on Discovery +


Are you patched in now?

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Is it inconvenient to always find 80 brothers to watch things?





Ill save you all alot of trouble. Its either hells angels, theyre mostly in northern cali or Mongols and the 2 hate one another. Most likely its mongols.
Theyre not all criminals but many commit crimes and even organizes crimes.
They associate with the cartel, they help conduct ops in cali. They also have a rivalry with “El Eme” thats “The M” for mexican mafia.
Reason theyre prospecting is because many years ago the FIBIs had a huge sting and many of their hitters were arrested.
Fun group if youre goos with them, but gluck gluck getting out.

Do your parents know you’re gay?

Haha, not sure how I missed this way back, subbing to finish reading later.

Is this the thread where the guy got exposed and kicked out of the club?

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81 prospects including 6-year OP with something to prove are watching this thread, react & utilise this information accordingly


Lol, classic

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Nobody sees the irony here? “Within the tight confines of this prison, I have all the freedom I want”


So where is OP now? Prison? Dead?

I went to a grand opening at a motorcycle shop yesterday. There is an Outlaws chapter near me and some of the members showed up. The cops gave them two options. Turn their vests inside out, or leave. They gave in and turned their vests inside out. It was funny because all the other non outlaw/1%er MCs were allowed to keep their right side out.


wow i’ve been on here for at least 7 years