I'm an uncle!

 Congratulations to my twin brother, who posts here as Jason! His wife just gave birth to my healthy nephew, Kyle Alexander, weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz.

Excellent!! Uncle is the greatest thing in the world! Wait till he is old enough for you to get him cool shit like air hogs!!

 Woah!! That kid could get a job as a bouncer already!

Congratulations Uncle Chris!!


Chris, you need to see this thread

Congrats to all involved including creepy uncle Chris!

Less time posting, more time developing business please.

J/k congrats!!!

The best thing about being an uncle is you can give them back at the end of the day. Congrats.


thanks zimmerman. I'm on it.

 Congrats, Chris!

I just became an uncle 11 months ago and I absolutely love it. Funny thing is, I absolutely hated children before I met my niece.

I hope you've got some money in the bank, though... cuz it is now your job to spoil the child. :)

Congrats Palmquist. My nephew is awesome.

 Congrats on the addition!!

Uncle Honey Bear congradulations! You will make great role model. Bring some pics to plymouth this weekend.

 excellent. congrats chris, now I can beat on Kyle like you and Jay did to me for so long.

or I could just beat you two up now. bitches get stitches.


Seriously, congrats to both Chris and Jay!!! brothers from another mother



Be sure to buy him plenty of loud, obnoxious toys as he grows up.


What a beautiful little boy! Congrats Chris.


Is he wearing a Gi?