I'm back. Ask me anything!

It's been awhile. You have questions, I have answers. I have questions, I come to the OG. Go!

Who is this?

When I was a boy - I never had a dog called Rusty.

Where did you go?

What's your diameter?

how has the name gerald serviced you throughout your life?

Who are you..? (no offense)

What are you wearing?





Cut or uncut?


I thought Gerald Strebendt was back.

I am disappointed.

Exactly this.

At first i was gonna be like "who is this?" and then a quick glance at the screenname and i though it was strebendt, then i read your post.

Wow, this has been quite the emotional journey!

How was prison?

Honestly don't know who Gerald is. I was just assuming prison is the go-to reason for absence around here. 

So much win! 

Terrific AMA so far

Who is your daddy? And what does he do?

TheGredge - 

How was prison?

Wrong Gerald.

Regarding the other Gerald, I believe he ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge, received no prison time, but can not own a fire arm ever again and has to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Strebendt was sentenced to a little under five years in prison

17/f. Cyber?

Nope.  He is inside right now 

Are you as gay as we think you are?