i'm back

Where is Stickgrappler?

 Lurk much?

This is like that time Abraham Lincoln ended up on the Starship Enterprise.  "Stickgrappler" is some kind of early 21st century slang, I'm sure.

Yes I do lurk much because it's not the same forum anymore.

In the beginning it was about training, now it's not.

I bought the Fighter's Notebook and you could come back in here and ask questions and David Roy would answer you that same day. Now it's all picking on each other.

WAOW it's a lurker!

Holy Lurker

even though my profile says/1/1/01 I was one of the people when chokeu2 went to Tim Mousel's self defense forum and said we are about to start a new forum, I was here in the beginning.

Stickgrappler was likely herded into a re-education camp at Barnes and Noble

Stickgrappler had MANY posts collected on a website, clich, boxing, stickfighting, bando. I can't belive you people have no idea who he is. He used to post here all the time

 Sticks have since been outlawed by the unified rules, shortly after small arms fire.

 Stop wasting your lurking posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you wonder why adults don't post here anymore?

It's hard to take this thread seriously because it has nothing to do with training.

 In fact, it's a good example of the "look at me" mentality that has destroyed what was otherwise a good place to come to discuss whether Royce Gracie would beat a prime Henry Armstrong.

 tod atkins missed u


 I'm kidding of course, welcome back.  Please do stay.

2JupitersTooMany - It's hard to take this thread seriously because it has nothing to do with training.

I'm reading this thread on the mats, while holding a swarthy brazilian immigrant in an inverted double python choke.   OP can feel free to ask me any questions.

P.S. to our thread starter, Gronk the Caveman:  that's an i-phone.

I can't rmember the guy's name but he had some FANTASTIC clich drills from Bando. Anybody know who I'm talking about?

I'm sure his first name was Phil but that's all I can remeber.
Stickgrappler had a link back in the day but I can't find it now.

people still speak of the magical 8 posts of Casteel before today.

welcome back friend! a UG LEGEND!