im back

Well once again this place spilled over into my personal life, but luckily for me, i kept printed records of everything from my Freemason thread :)

To one person on here, thank you, i have now met a couple of influential Masons i would of never met, if you had not told them i was breaking my oath on here.

Please if your going to talk about me behind my back, at least repeat what i say correctly..:P

Explain what happened or STFU and stop attention whoring. Phone Post 3.0

Welcome back!

  1. Masons? Aint nobody got time for dat.
  2. Drawing attention to shit no one noticed is gay.
  3. Tell people you're back, when we didn't notice you left? Also ghey.
  4. Prove you're legit. How did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

DogOfDogs, this is exactly why I do not discuss any specifics. Glad to hear things worked out. Phone Post

we get enough of this shit with other faggots, so please no more

Yea no one really cares about you being or better yet pretending to be a free mason on this board. Except the trolls. Phone Post 3.0