I'm being imped on fightsport

Those guys are bigger losers than us.

no way

old hat

Someone will be on here shortly claiming that was you and not an imp....

"Those guys are bigger losers than us." -- littleguy 23663 Total Posts

You know I'm just messing with you man, but it had to be said

They post the shit I post here word for word. Yet who ever it is has the facts messed up about god girl and foxy brown


imitation = highest form of flattery.

I kind of like fightsport, the pictures they post of me fucking my wife show what a big cock I have, really boost my ego

you don't say?

Why hasnt this thread been deleted yet? MJ has often pointed out that threads with the FS URL have to be deleted.

I will give this thread another 5 minutes. If it's still here when I return there will be some serious deletions done.

Where is the addy?

I think grady is being imped here.

If it was really grady his reply would have been like this:

Grady, were you posting on there recently?

G: Spladdel, I post there often enough, yes.




Why don't you out them?

I could guess....there's only 4 or 5 guys there with 2,000 screen names. At least the ones who dwell on us.

you can have my account, i haven't used it in over a year

Thats crazy Spladdel, no one gets imped at fightsport

Hmmm, that sucks

yeah seriously, if you don't get it or don't feel like waiting email me it's all yours.

What is really annoying when OGers quote from Fightsport (where I too am imped) about me.